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Scythe Mugen 4 Review

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Noise Levels & Fan Speeds

Testing Procedure

Fan noise testing is done at 25%, 50%, and 100% fan speed, with the dBA level being recorded by a Pyle PSPL25 sound pressure level meter at a distance of 30 cm. The fan(s) RPM results are taken at the same 25%, 50%, and 100% settings. The selected speeds are handled by MSI's Command Center software, and a Lamptron FC6 fan controller is also used as a secondary method of confirming RPM and dBA readings in case MSI's Command Center cannot control the fan(s), which ensures that proper results can still be obtained if the software fails. To give users the noise profile of the tested CPU cooler, testing is done using fan speed percentages instead of various load levels.

Noise Levels

Scythe's Mugen 4 is the quietest cooler I have ever tested. At 25%, 50%, and 100%, it manages to best the competition or tie it with ease. The Mugen 4 looks even more impressive when low noise output is taken into consideration. I am, simply put, utterly astonished by the performance Scythe's included sleeve-bearing fan offers.

Fan Speeds

Take a look at its RPM readings and you will know how Scythe managed to keep noise levels so low: Not only does the fan utilize design features to lower noise levels, but the PWM range is also well balanced. As such, the fan only becomes audible at 100% and is, even then, barely audible with its 1401 RPM.

Overall RPM and dBA readings show that Scythe has no problem figuring out which fan perfectly fits their heatsinks. The PWM range is extremely good, offering acceptable performance while keeping noise to a minimum, and the fact that this CPU cooler is so quiet while offering the performance it does is rather astonishing, as such feats are normally only accomplished by the likes of Noctua.
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