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Shuttle OMNINAS KD20 Review

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We would like to thank Shuttle for supplying the review sample.

Shuttle is a company with a long history in the IT industry, since it was founded in Taiwan in 1983. The company specializes in the development and production of mini PCs and currently has a rich portfolio of relevant products, including mini, slim, and all-in-one PC systems. Since NAS servers share many similarities with mini-PCs, they also decided to enroll into the NAS market many months ago by releasing their first NAS product, the OMNINAS KD20.

The KD20 is a two-bay NAS that addresses home environments and users with avarage needs by including a lot of storage space and super-fast data transfer speeds. The KD20 surely doesn't carry the features that the high-end competition provides, and its operating system looks poor compared to the ones that QNAP and Synology use, but it is really affordable. Its administration interface is also very simple and doesn't confuse the inexperienced user. Setting the KD20 up is a piece of cake, and we think that if you are new to the NAS world, you will highly appreciate the simplicity of its graphical interface despite its shortcomings.

The KD20's elegant style made a good impression when we first saw the NAS. The serious network administrator may not appreciate style, but looks are surely important to the end user looking for enhanced usability in a nice package. Shuttle scored a "ten" in this area, teaching the dull looks of some competing products a lesson in design. The KD20 is also equipped with a card reader and a USB 3.0 port, which will greatly assist with fast transfers to/from compatible external storage devices. Shuttle also released an application for Android and iOS devices through which you can manage the KD20 and the files it stores.

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