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Silverstone FHP141 Fan Review

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Watercooling as a review category really means going through a collection of many smaller ones since radiators, for example, are tested differently from cold plates (water blocks), pumps, and so on. I introduced some fan reviews here on TechPowerUp last year because I genuinely felt there was a need to make people more aware of how important fans are to the whole system because of how they help dissipate heat by directly pushing it out of the system and into the environment. Covering square frame 120 mm fans seemed apt here, and my testing is done on a single 120 mm radiator as well. When Silverstone asked if I would be interested in covering their fans here, I was in a dilemma since I had already covered their static pressure optimized option elsewhere. They suggested doing something different with a 140 mm sized, 38 mm thick fan with fan mounting matching that of square frame 120 mm fans. This was intriguing, and here we are to now take a look at their FHP141. Thanks a lot to Silverstone for providing a review sample for TechPowerUp.

The FHP141 is not a fan one would use for watercooling since you need square frame fans of the same size as the radiator to fit more than one alongside others. However, with AMD seemingly making liquid-cooled processors (especially GPUs) paired with a single 120 mm radiator a thing, perhaps finding the best-possible single 120 mm radiator fan is not such a bad idea after all. Many opt to go with a high-speed industrial fan, but 3000+ RPM fans are extremely loud. Another option is to increase fan thickness to accommodate a better motor, and, of course, a thicker rotor capable of pushing more air. The FHP141 primarily goes with the latter, but works with the other two options as well.


Silverstone FHP141 Fan
Dimensions:140 x 140 x 38 mm with mounting identical to square frame 120 mm fans
Rated speed: Q: 500-1200 RPM; P: 500-2000 RPM
Max airflow: 171 CFM
Max static pressure:3.7 mm H2O
Noise:43.5 dBA
Fan control:4-pin/PWM control
Current draw: 0.65 A peak
Warranty:One year (US), Two years (EU)
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