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Silverstone Strider Gold S Series 750 W Review

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We would like to thank Silverstone for supplying the review sample.

With numerous relevant product lines covering all market segments and every need, the PSU market is obviously very important to Silverstone. Their current flagship series is the Strider Evolution. The Strider Gold S series behind it in the hierarchy covers the mid-market section with four members in-between 550-850 W. All Strider Gold S units feature Gold efficiency, which their naming scheme implies, exploit a fully modular cabling design, and are really small due to their limited length. Silverstone says these units to intentionally be engineered around being the smallest fully modular ATX PSUs at any wattage level, and we have no reason not to believe them.

This review will take a thorough look at the second-strongest Strider Gold S unit with model number ST75F-GS. It has a capacity of 750 W and a single +12V rail that can deliver the unit's full power by itself. Silverstone promises a strict voltage regulation within 3% on all rails, but we even believe its ripple suppression to be better, and there is also talk of low ripple and noise. The unit’s small dimensions didn’t allow for a large fan, so Silverstone went with a 120 mm fan which its specifications on paper say to be quiet enough, but our tests will confirm whether those values are true. The ST75F-GS is compatible with Silverstone's PP05-E short cable kit for use in very small cases, and all its standard cables are also flat, including the 24 pin one, which increases flexibility and makes the cable-management process a lot easier.

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