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Soundgraph iMON Smartbay Review

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I would like to thank Soundgraph for supplying the review sample.

Soundgraph may not be so well known to the end user, but the company looks back on years of experience in HTPC products. In fact, you will find Soundgraph technology in all major HTPCs from Silverstone, Thermaltake, Zalman, Antec - just to name a few. We have reviewed many of their products in the past and now have the pleasure to take a look at their latest product - the iMON Smartbay.

  • PC accessories For iPhone / iPad
  • Luxury with high-glossy black color is processed
  • iPhone / iPad and design blend with your desktop PC
  • Structure, clean design that can open and close finish
  • iPhone / iPad battery charging capability (PC power ON / OFF all)
  • iPhone / iPad sound output (PC power ON / OFF all)
  • iMON Mini Remotel to control the iPhone / iPad's music selection and play controls
  • Remote + provides a dedicated app, the iPhone / iPad as a PC remote control PC integrated management of all media content available to the library
  • Smart Bay is one of the media center PC (Multimedia Center) changes in
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May 21st, 2022 11:00 EDT change timezone

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