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SoundMagic PL30 In-ears Review

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I would like to thank for supplying the sample of the new SoundMagic PL30s. SoundMagic is a relatively new brand that focuses on producing in-ears at a very reasonable price point. The PL30s cost merely $25 and feature a dynamic driver and a true over-the-ear cable design. Besides that you get a good bundle with ear clips, a cable manager, and loads of different tips, for a set of in-ears costing only $25 this is amazing. With a bold design, price, and bundle this model has already gained quite a reputation online.

The Package

The earphones arrived in a small cardboard box.

The bundle is quite breathtaking when you bear in mind the ridiculously low price of these in-ears.

One of the things I like best about the bundle is the carrying soft shell. It is small enough to be handy on the move and provides ample protection for the in-ears.

The tip selection is likewise great. You get three pairs of thin silicon tips in the sizes small, medium, and large, and three pairs more only in a thicker version. You also get a pair of double flange tips and a set of foam tips.
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