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SteelSeries SteelSound 3H Review

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The SteelSeries started off with just the simple SteelPad line of gaming surface products. These were a great success and therefore created a fuzz about SteelSeries as a "Gamers Brand". A while after the initial success, the SteelSeries product line was expanded to include both mouse mats and headsets optimized for gaming.

Last year SteelSound introduced the 5H headset, which was a fairly large headset compared to most on the market at the time. The headset was an instant success due to the quality of the design and the decent audio performance. Ever since the release of the original 5H there has been a a lot of talk about the SteelSound products. Everybody could agree on them being quality gaming headsets but for the non-hardcore gamer they were simply too expensive.

Not long ago I reviewed the SteelSound 4H which is a medium priced headset, although still aimed at gamers, today I have the pleasure of reviewing one the most compact gaming headsets ever, namely the SteelSound 3H.

The Package

The headset comes in a quite small package where the headset lays collapsed inside to save space. Since the package is made of clear plastic it lets the buyer inspect it for exterior damages. While being shipped to me the package received quite a few beatings by the looks of it, but there wasn't any damage done to the headset.

On the back of the package you can read about all of the different features that this headset offers, to no one's surprise this headset is labeled as a lightweight portable headset.

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