Super Flower Leadex Platinum 1200 W Review 0

Super Flower Leadex Platinum 1200 W Review


We would like to thank Super Flower for supplying the review sample.

Super Flower units have for some years now been considered among the best in their categories, and the fresh Leadex platform has caused the incredibly experienced competition many headaches already. We had the chance to test a mid-capacity 750 W Leadex unit a while ago, and today, our Chroma loaders will put the strongest Platinum Leadex unit with 1200 W to the test so it can prove its worth. Its price definitely can't be called affordable since it is a high capacity Platinum unit, although it is still among the most affordable units in its category. The only and most significant downside of this unit is its limited availability since Super Flower hasn't established a retail presence in the States, and you will only find their products in a few select online stores in Europe. However, you can find re-branded SF products at a very good prices through several other companies (e.g. EVGA) that also offer their products in the States. It looks as though SF doesn't have the time or the facilities to meet the demand for their retail products, which would explain their limited availability, or they might have contracts that heavily restrict their retail presence in especially the US with those they supply.

The Leadex-1200 we will evaluate in this review is very high-end, and it wouldn't take us by surprise if the unit takes one of the top spots in our performance chart. It comes in two color schemes, black and white, and is 80 Plus Platinum certified, compatible with Haswell's sleep states, uses a fully modular cabling design with SF’s patented crystal-clear cube connectors, and allows users to pick one of two operation modes, normal and semi-passive, for either optimal cooling or less noise output. Every SF product we have tested so far managed to impress us, so we expect nothing less from the Leadex-1200 W.


SF-1200F-14MP Features & Specs
Max. DC Output1200W
Efficiency80 PLUS Platinum
Intel Haswell ReadyYes
Operating temperature0°C - 50°C
ProtectionsOver Voltage Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Over Power Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Cooling140 mm Double Ball-Bearing Fan (RL4Z-B1402512EH)
Semi-passive operationYes (selectable)
Dimensions150 mm (W) x 86 mm (H) x 200 mm (D)
Weight2.2 kg
ComplianceATX12V v2.2, EPS 2.92
Warranty5 years
Price at time of review (exc. VAT)$299
Efficiency is Platinum and the PSU is fully modular and Haswell ready. Like every good PSU should, it can deliver its full power continuously while operating at up to 50°C. Its protection features only include the basics as Over Current Protection, which has no sense and purpose in a single rail unit, and Over Temperature Protection, which is crucial, are missing. As already stated, OCP doesn't have the slightest meaning in a high capacity, single +12V rail PSU, but OTP should be there since the unit features the option to run in semi-passive mode.

The cooling fan uses ball-bearings, which will have the fan last for pretty long, definitely much longer than a plain sleeve-bearing fan, and the user has the option to flip a switch at the front to turn this unit's semi-passive mode on/off. The Leadex unit is pretty large, which, however, is to be expected given its high capacity. The warranty is set to five years, a satisfactory period, but we would be happier with seven or, even better, ten years instead, and unit is expensive, which comes as no surprise because of its high-end specifications.

SF-1200F-14MP Power Specs
Max. Power20A20A99.9A2.5A0.5A
Total Max. Power1200W
The single +12V rail is powerful and can deliver almost 100 A of current, which is enough for four high-end VGAs. The minor rails look kind of weak compared to the +12V rail, but today's system doesn't need more than the 100 W these rails can deliver. We would, on the other hand, like to see a stronger 5VSB rail since it is relatively weak and is generated by exactly the same circuit as that of previous SF Platinum units.

Cables & Connectors, Power Distribution

Modular Cables
ATX connector (600mm)20+4 pin
4+4 pin EPS12V (700mm)2
6+2 pin PCIe (600mm+130mm) 6
6+2 pin PCIe (600mm)2
SATA (550mm+125mm+125mm+125mm)8
SATA (550mm+125mm) / 4 pin Molex (+125mm+125mm)2 / 2
4 pin Molex (540mm+130mm+130mm) / FDD (+130mm)3 / 1
This PSU has enough connectors for its capacity, including eight PCIe and two EPS connectors. All of these are also available at the same time. It features pretty long cables since it will probably go into a pretty large case, which makes the use of dangerous cable extensions that can cause huge voltage drops and even melt under very high loads redundant, and the distance between connectors is sufficient. Some of the main ATX cable's wires and almost all of the PCIe and EPS connectors are 16AWG for lower voltage drops at higher loads, but all other connectors use standard 18AWG gauges.

We have nothing to comment on when it comes to the PSU's power distribution because it features a single +12V rail.


Like all Leadex units, this one too comes in a white box, with SF's logo occupying most of the front's real estate. The unit's capacity is given in silver fonts and inside a black frame you will find in the bottom-left corner, and the 80 PLUS Platinum badge is in the top-right corner.

The unit's most crucial features are listed on this side. These include its fully modular design, Japanese caps, 80 Plus Platinum certification, the EuP and some other energy spec compliances, and a mention of its crystal-cube connectors with LED lighting.

The Leadex units come in either black or white. We got a black unit for review.

The back contains the usual odds and ends for a Leadex box. A few photographs and texts describe the unit's most interesting features, and a table with the unit's specifications and a graph explaining the fan's operation in ECO mode (semi-passive operation) are also here.


The contents are nicely arranged, and the PSU is protected by packing foam on all sides. Already in a clear see-through bag, it has also been put inside a white one.

The bundle is poor as it only includes an AC power cord and some thumbscrews to mount the PSU. We were at least expecting a few zip ties or a Velcro strap. Retail units will also have a user's manual.

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