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Super Flower Leadex Gold 1300 W Review

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The package is mostly black since this is the black version of the 1300 W Gold Leadex. Its front is occupied by SF's logo, a butterfly, while the 80 Plus Gold badge its the upper-right corner is probably deliberately colored platinum instead of gold to hint at the 90+ efficiency SF claims this unit to produce. The unit's capacity can be found in the bottom-right corner, on the front.

This side lists the PSU's features. The most crucial of these are the fully modular cabling design, crystal-clear cube connectors, and specially designed main transformer. SF also mentions that the unit passed a 2000 on/off test successfully without, however, mentioning whether it was conducted at full load.

This side depicts both versions of this Leadex model. The first has a white enclosure while the other features a black one.

A series of photos and graphs on the back depict the most interesting features of the unit, which are its fully modular design, Japanese caps, semi-passive operation with the FDB fan, and double layer main transformer. SF also provides some information on the 80 Plus program and includes a specifications table along with a scheme to show the fan's operational curve in ECO mode. Based on the information here, the fan reaches it maximum speed (1500 RPM according to SF, but we measured 2060 RPM) when the internal temperature hits 65°C, deactivating once ambient drops below 45°C.


The contents of the box are neatly arranged, and the PSU is protected by two pieces of packing foam.

A white bag protects the PSU that is also wrapped in plastic. We couldn't ask for more protection.

The bundle includes the user's manual, a set of fixing bolts, an AC power cord, and a pouch that stores all modular cables.


The finish is of good enough quality, but SF's external design doesn't really appeal to us as the octagonal fan grill with SF's logo on its centerpiece is actually sculpted into the metal enclosure. The front of the unit uses a honeycomb mesh on top of which are the AC receptacle and the ECO switch to enable the unit's semi-passive operation. The on/off switch is located at the bottom.

The specifications label is installed on one of two sides. The other has SF's logo engraved into it.

The specially designed sockets for these crystal-clear cube connectors are found at the rear. Every socket features LED lighting you enable by turning the PSU on and attaching the cable.

The PSU is large, which is to be expected because of its enormous capacity. Thankfully, it is fully modular, so its dimensions won't be a significant problem during installation.

The crystal-clear cube connectors look fantastic, and all cables are stealth. The cables that host the peripheral and SATA connectors are also ribboned, while all other are round. We would definitely prefer it if all cables were ribboned.

Sleeving quality is good, and the black wires make the sleeving job look even better.
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