Super Flower Platinum King 650 W Review 6

Super Flower Platinum King 650 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Super Flower Platinum King 650 W is sold for around 81 euros (plus 19% VAT) at It isn't available in the US, where Super Flower doesn't have a retail presence.
  • Price
  • Delivered full power at 46°C
  • Efficiency
  • Load regulation
  • Ripple suppression
  • Accurate power good signal
  • Low conducted EMI noise
  • Quality fan
  • Small dimensions
  • 5-year warranty
  • 5VSB efficiency
  • Increased vampire power
  • 3.3V rail's transient response
  • Fan speed is still quite high
  • Only native cables
  • CapXon electrolytic capacitors
  • Hold-up time
  • Lacks OTP (Over Temperature Protection)
The Platinum King 650 W is the result of Super Flower's efforts to offer an affordable high performance product. This company's high-end Leadex platforms do without a doubt offer outstanding performance, but their increased price tags pose a huge obstacle for buyers on tight budgets. Most users don't want or simply cannot invest a significant amount into their next PSU purchase, so OEMs inevitably have to cut some corners and release more affordable products. This is exactly the case with the Platinum King line, where Super Flower modified one of its older platforms by throwing out all modular cables and installing lower quality caps to lower the cost of production. I don't have a major problem with non-modular PSUs, but do pay lots of attention to the selection of caps, and the cap choices are poor. I would highly prefer some good Teapo caps instead of the CapXons Super Flower used. Super Flower at least didn't make any compromises in their FETs selection by going with the highly reliable Infineon brand. The cooling fan is also of good quality since it isn't based on a plain sleeve bearing, but uses a more reliable Duro Bearing instead, which, according to its manufacturer, has a pretty long lifetime of 60,000 hours. In a PSU, the filtering caps, cooling fan, and switching FETs are the components that matter the most.

Since Super Flower doesn't have a retail presence in the US, you won't find any Platinum King units there. Only if EVGA, or another brand, decides to use this platform will US buyers have the opportunity to purchase it. In the EU, and both have the Platinum King models in stock, at prices that look to be reasonable given their features. Had Super Flower used higher quality electrolytic caps, my final rating would have been higher also. On top of that, I would like to see Over Temperature Protection included with this platform, but that would probably increase the cost of production notably since this unit's initial Super Flower platform didn't include Over Temperature Protection. The Platinum King's performance is high even with its lower quality electrolytic caps, but with better caps, its performance would also last much longer. In any case, the Platinum King 650 W offers tight-enough load regulation, good ripple suppression, high efficiency, and isn't noisy, although things would be much better in terms of noise if there were a semi-passive mode.
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