Swiftech Maelstrom D5 X100 Reservoir Review 4

Swiftech Maelstrom D5 X100 Reservoir Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Swiftech operates a web shop in the USA, from wherein this sample came, and as such, we begin with a look at the shipping packaging. An appropriately sized box has been chosen, with over an inch of space on all sides and packing peanuts all around the product box as well. An excellent start!

The product packaging is in a similar design scheme as the rest of their products, with a glossy black background and very few details otherwise. There is the company logo on front, and a label on the back identifies the product inside, along with some salient technical specs listed, but that's about it. As seen in the images above, there is a seal on one side to help keep the contents inside in place.

Opening the box, we see a sheet of thin soft foam adding further protection to the product inside. Underneath is the reservoir itself, with more foam sheets on the sides and the accessories alongside it as well. Everything is packed snugly to prevent any movement inside the box during transit. The provided accessories include an installation guide (online version here) common to all the Maelstrom D5 reservoirs from Swiftech, two metal mounting brackets with pre-cut holes, and the rest of the installation hardware, including metal M4-threaded screws, nuts, and washers. There are two separate lengths of screws used to help distinguish the different applications for each set, and it must be noted here that the screws have a hex head, although no Allen key is provided to aid in their application. I had a discussion with Swiftech about this, and they agreed that this is a shortcoming to where they are going to henceforth include an Allen key in the packaging.
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