Synology DS1815+ Review 10

Synology DS1815+ Review

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Power Consumption

Let us now check on just how much power the DS1815+ needs in sleep, idle, and during heavy throughput.

We use a GW Instek GPM-8212 power analyzer for all of our power consumption measurements.

Sleep, Idle and Load

Power consumption was low throughout since Intel's Rangeley CPU is incredibly efficient. The power the HDDs consume will surely stay below the 69 W our equipment measured under heavy throughput with eight disks installed.

Power Consumption in Standby Mode

Vampire power or phantom load is the amount of power a device consumes when it is switched off but still plugged into the power grid. According to the ErP Lot 6 2013 directive, it should be below 0.5 W.

Power Consumption Comparison Graphs

The only other eight-bay NAS we have tested so far, the QNAP TS-869L consumes significantly more power under load than the DS1815+, which goes to show that the Atom SoC (C2538) used in the latter is less power hungry than the Atom Intel D2700 the QNAP NAS uses.
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