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Synology DS207 Review

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Synology, a name that most will not be familiar with being a company that manufactures and focuses on home office, as well as server grade backup solutions. Being based out of Taipei, Taiwan Synology has strived to design and manufacture new generation NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions for the home user as well as the corporate environment. Founded in the year 2000, Synology has since been manufacturing revolutionary NAS servers, now these are not your average NAS servers. They incorporate one click web hosting, FTP serving, as well as built in PHP, MySQL, and other goodies. While I was not familiar with their name myself until last year when I first reviewed their DS107, they have since then released a new line of products and were kind enough to send me a DS207 for review. This is a dual hard drive unit that features RAID 1, as well as RAID 0 support.


The Synology DS207 comes in a box that is equipped with a carry handle which is mostly only seen on heavier or larger boxes though handy none the less for transport as well as carrying. There is a picture of the unit on the front as well as the back of the box, on the side there is a picture depicting all the features that the unit has.

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