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Tesoro Alphaeon S1 Gaming Chair Review

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We would like to thank Tesoro for supplying the review sample.

Tesoro was established nine years ago in Taiwan. As per the brand, its goal is to design and produce smart, innovative, and affordable PC peripherals of quality for the entry-level to high-end. My first contact with Tesoro was through a keyboard years ago, which I still have. It is currently being used heavily by my son, who is taking his first steps into PC gaming. As it turned out, the company tends to more than just PC peripherals, which had Tesoro recently send me three gaming chair models, the Real Madrid, Alphaeon S2, and Alphaeon S1. I already reviewed the first two, which means it is now time to take a closer look at the Alphaeon S1.

To cover a broader market, the Alphaeon series consists of two different chair designs. The S2, even though resembling a sports bucket seat design, follows a more "serious" design guideline with its completely black PU upholstery. Coming in at €10 less, it is also slightly more affordable than the S1. The S1 also uses a PU upholstery and follows the same sports bucket seat design as the S2. The significant difference between these is in looks. The S1 comes in three more vivid color options for a gaming space. Lastly, looking to provide a comfortable sitting experience after even many hours, all S1 and S2 models have the same ergonomics and dimensions.


Alphaeon S1 Gaming Chair
Features & Specifications
Model ColorBlack-Blue
Color AvailabilityThree: All Black, Black-Blue, Black-Red
Foam Type

Cold Cure Foam

Stitching ColorBlue
Upholstery MaterialPU
Logo Embroidery Color


Frame Material


Total Height (with base)124–132 cm (48.81–51.96 ")
Backrest (width & height)

55 x 80 cm (21.65 x 31.49 ")

Backrest Adjustability

Up to 150°

Width, Depth, and Height (seat & base)

56 x 56 cm x 37–45 cm
(22.05 x 22.05 x 14.56–17.71")

Armrest (width & length)9 x 25 cm (3.54 x 9.84 ")
Armrest AdjustabilityYes, 3D
Five-star Base350 mm (13.77"), painted steel
Rocking MechanismYes, max. 15° degrees
Gas LiftClass 4
Maximum Weight (user)
120 kg (264.55 lb)
Casters/Wheel Material60 mm (2.36"), nylon
Gross Weight 25 kg (55.11 lb)
Net Weight20.3 kg (44.75 lb)
Warranty2 years in the E.U
1 year for the rest of the world
Price at Time of Review$239.99 (excl. VAT) in the US
€239.99 (incl. 19% VAT) in the EU
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