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Tesoro Gram MX ONE Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Tesoro's packaging has been revamped in recent years, with an emphasis on a clean, more minimalist design to go along with their design philosophy for keyboards as a whole. We see here a predominantly white packaging wrap on the cardboard box underneath, with the company and product name as well as a large illustration of the keyboard and some salient features mentioned on the front. This continues on the back and sides to where it also makes for a good retail package for customers in brick-and-mortar stores.

Two double flaps on the side help keep the contents inside in place during transit, and opening the box, we are greeted by the keyboard itself. I have here the white version, and the keyboard has cardboard all around it for some added protection before it gets to you. Underneath the keyboard, which arrives in a clear plastic wrap, is the included quick start guide. This is a multi-language manual that walks you through the onboard controls, and it is well worth the read, at least initially. For those interested, an online copy can be found here.

The other accessory is the detachable keyboard cable in its own little compartment as seen above. The cable is color coordinated to the keyboard, white in this case thus, and braided. It has a male mini-USB connector on one end and a male USB Type-A connector on the other, which points to the mini-USB port on the keyboard itself. I would have much rather seen USB Type-C here, but the number of connect/disconnect cycles is arguably not really a factor in this application and just a matter of preference in terms of having accessible cables that can be used with other devices. The connectors are gold-plated to add corrosion and metal-oxidation resistance.
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