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Tesoro GRAM XS Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

The packaging for the GRAM XS is a small departure from the usual Tesoro color schemes of black and purple, and this is in line with their new vision for the GRAM series as a whole—clean, minimalist designs with the technical features neatly tucked inside. As it is, we see a white background on the packaging with the company and product name on front, along with an illustration of the keyboard all lit up, and some salient marketing features to grab your eye. This continues on the back and sides with more illustrations, specifications, and marketing features. A sticker on the side confirms the layout you have, which is the US layout in my case, and there are two double flaps on the side to keep things inside even without any seals.

Open the box and we see a lot of foam packaging inside, which is always good. More of the monochrome color scheme here too, with white cardboard and foam to go along with the black keyboard (there is a white color option for the keyboard as well). A compartment at the top with a cutout to help open it contains the detachable keyboard cable, and a product manual (online copy here) is found underneath the keyboard and is a useful addition for going over the pre-programmed functions of the keyboard.

The keyboard cable comes in its own plastic wrap with a cable tie around it, and there is yet another cable tie on the actual cable as well. It is the standard 1.8 m in length and terminates in a male micro-USB on the keyboard end and a male USB Type-A on the computer end.
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