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Thecus N2810 Pro 2-Bay NAS Review

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We would like to thank Thecus for supplying the review sample.

The N2810 Pro is a more powerful N2810 (V2) with the main difference being the quad-core Intel Celeron N3160 as opposed to the latter's dual-core N3060 CPU. It is also equipped with twice as much RAM for 4 GB in total. While it does have an HDMI port, the N2810 Pro is among the few NAS servers to also feature a DisplayPort, which greatly broadens its multimedia capabilities. An SPDIF output is also provided, which means this NAS can even be connected to a sound system for better audio reproduction.

The N2810 Pro runs the new version of ThecusOS. ThecusOS 7 is an operating system with many capabilities and a user friendly interface. The older version was reliable and fast enough, but being outdated and lacking many options, it couldn't directly compare to QNAP's and Synology's offerings. This new version looks very promising and is comparable to the competition despite its short development cycle. It is in our opinion of immense importance to equip home NAS servers with an easy-to-use, reliable operating system since such NAS products aren't primarily going to be used by experienced administrators, but, rather, plain users who don't want to mess with complex interfaces. A home user usually only wants to do some basic stuff with a NAS, and such tasks should be taken care of easily and quickly. Even installing an app was a chore with the precursor to this version of ThecusOS, so we are very happy to see the company moving forward by finally offering a completely new OS that is in line with those of the tough and experienced competition. With Foxconn's resources behind Thecus, we expect more innovations and changes in the near future.
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