Thecus N5810 Pro 5-bay NAS Review 0

Thecus N5810 Pro 5-bay NAS Review

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We would like to thank Thecus for supplying the review sample.

A key player when it comes to NAS servers, mostly for their business models, Thecus is now also really trying to break into the lower-end categories, right where most home users and small offices and businesses that don't need an expensive umber high-end NAS server to cover their needs are situated. The N5810 Pro can easily cover a small business environment or address the upper-enthusiast category for those willing to spend a significant amount of money on such a richly featured server. The feature that makes this NAS stand out from the crowd is the fact that it can be equipped with a small battery that plays the role of a mini-UPS, which gives the NAS the time it needs to save the data before it shuts down during a power cut to keep your data's integrity intact. This is a very interesting feature and you to the best of our knowledge won't find it in NAS servers by other NAS manufacturers.

The N5810 Pro can take up to five HDDs and has five Ethernet ports that can be teamed for up to 5 GbE if you have a switch with the Link Aggregation Control Protocol.
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