Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX Review 0

Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX Review


  • The Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX has an MSRP of €59.99 / $59.99
  • Good performance
  • Almost completely silent
  • Very easy to install
  • Acceptable clearance
  • Usable on many Mini-ITX motherboards
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Looks good
  • Performance rivaled by smaller coolers
  • Blocks first expansion slot
  • Angled slightly when mounted
  • Not supported by all Mini-ITX boards
When it comes to performance, the Silver Arrow ITX from Thermalright does quiet well, maintaining performance similar to many high-end coolers at stock. But it tends to fall back with an overclock. Still, considering it is quieter than any other cooler I have tested thus far, a performance gap between it and coolers with louder, higher RPM fans is to be expected. Its quiet nature and solid performance are not the only things to like about the Silver Arrow ITX as it is also easy to install! Add to that its decent clearance around the socket, partly due to its design, and you have an acceptable option for some Mini-ITX systems. In fact, it was designed specifically to be compatible with ASUS and their ROG line of Mini-ITX motherboards. With that said, it's also no wonder it has some good looks that match the ROG theme. Take all that into account, including the exceptional build quality, and you end up with a great option when it comes to keeping your CPU cool.

It's not all roses however. The performance the Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX offers is rivaled by smaller single-fan, single-tower coolers that are, granted, also louder. The size of the Silver Arrow ITX allows for its good performance and quiet nature, but also means it's not compatible with all Mini-ITX boards. In fact, it is not compatible with any of MSI's Mini-ITX motherboards. This isn't so much a design fault of the cooler as it is a design issue with the motherboards, but it is still something to keep in mind. Make sure you check the compatibility list to ensure the cooler will fit into your system. It also blocks the primary expansion slot on the test system's ATX motherboard. Another problem is that the cooler is angled ever so slightly once installed. The build quality is exceptional, but the fact that the cooler is off center by a few degrees can be problematic in terms of memory clearance, though it, again, depends on the motherboard. However, this won't pose an issue with standard-height memory.

The Silver Arrow ITX from Thermalright is, ultimately, a solid mid-range cooler. Thermalright took a winning design and increased its compatibility with Mini-ITX systems; however, that increase in compatibility, while good, is still somewhat lacking as not all motherboards are supported. I can easily recommend the Silver Arrow ITX to you if compatibility isn't an issue and you just want a quiet cooler. Being near-silent, it is by far the quietest cooler I have tested thus far. Users are more likely to hear case fans, HDDs, etc., but not Thermalright's cooler.

If you are looking for a solid high quality performer that is incredibly quiet and can overlook its minor issues, the Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX could be the cooler for you.