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Thermaltake Aquabay M6 Review

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Thermaltake provided the test sample. Thank you.

What started with “Performance cooled by Thermaltake” now continues with “Cool all your life”. Thermaltake has successfully taken on its role as a cooling manufacturer – be it air or water – and is liked by many people on the planet.

Thermaltake often comes out with products that rightly deserve to be called “unique” or “special”. The product we will be looking at today is no exception. As many of you will probably know, an essential component in a water cooling loop is a reservoir. A reservoir is a tank which compensates for water loss through tubing and allows for expansion and contraction of air. Reservoirs are most common in two forms: either as a tank, with an inlet and outlet, or as a T-line, which, as the name implies, looks rather like a T. Both have their pros and cons, reservoirs tend to be easier to bleed, whereas a t-line occupies less space. Thermaltake’s Aquabay M6 (P/N: CL-W0079) is anything but an ordinary reservoir. It is intended to work with Thermaltake water-cooling kits (therefore it is listed on Thermaltake’s website as an “Upgrade”) but nothing prevents users from integrating the reservoir into their custom water-cooling setups. The unit has a water level indicator and also tells you the temperature of the water in your loop – definitely features you would be unlikely to find on any ordinary reservoir.


  • Compatible with Thermaltake’s L.C.S (Liquid Cooling System) and components
  • Liquid temperature and level monitor in the 5.25" drive bay.
  • Easily monitor the liquid temperature and level from LCD panel in the front.
  • Built-in liquid temperature and level alarm.
  • Fast response probe:
    Temperature probe can detect the water temperature in real-time.
    Liquid level probe can detect the coolant level in real-time.
  • User Friendly:
    The temperature probe can be put at anywhere within the LCS loop
  • Quick Install Connectors:
    The temperature probe connector is suitable for tubing of ID 6.4mm(1/4”)/9.5mm(3/8”)


Thermaltake Aquabay M6
Functions of the LCD panel
Sampling rate1 sec
Water temp range0°C ~ 95°C
Resolution0.1 °C
Accuracy+/- 1 °C
DisplayConstant/Real time
Temp. alarm range25 ° C ~ 70°C+/- 5 ° C
Temp. normal statusLCD with blue light
Temp. and liquid level alarm warning LCD with red light. The signal will flash and error beeps will occur when the coolant is below the "low" mark
Capacity of liquid tank 350 cc
The temp. probe Swiftly read the temperature of your system
Quick install connectors for ID 6.4 mm(1/4”) tubing for ID 9.5 mm(3/8”) tubing
Weight 600g
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