Thermaltake ARGENT M5 Wireless RGB Review 1

Thermaltake ARGENT M5 Wireless RGB Review

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The ARGENT Series

MB1 Mouse Bungee

Over the past years, mouse bungees have become a staple on many gamer desks. In theory, a mouse bungee is pretty straightforward: It is supposed to elevate the mouse cable. To that end, the cable is clipped into a mount, which should be somewhat elastic to ensure mouse movement isn't restricted too much. Unfortunately, the MB1 provides neither. Just 6 cm tall, it simply fails to provide sufficient elevation, and a flexible mount is absent altogether. The construction is very solid, and the RGB lighting is a nice touch, but if a mouse bungee fails to serve its primary purpose, it is of little merit, especially when priced at $29.99.

MP1 Mouse Pad

The MP1 is a mouse pad with a non-slip aluminium base, RGB lighting, and hard surface. The surface area is 35.3 cm wide and 23.3 cm long, which is the first issue. It just is not a very large pad, much smaller than I'd want it to be. The second issue pertains to the surface. It's very rough and, contrary to what Thermaltake claims, doesn't provide good glide. It's great for utterly ruining one's mouse feet, but as far as glide properties go, it's quite similar to sandpaper. The craftsmanship that went into the MP1 is pretty good, but for $69.99, it's just not worth it at all.
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