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Thermaltake Armor A90 Review

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The Package

Thermaltake ships the Armor A90 in a full color cardboard package. It features the signature red strip across the top and a full color image of the chassis itself on the front. Turning the package over, we find a few of the major selling points clearly stated on the rear.

Both sides of the box do not really hold any useful information as one only has an additional image and the other tells you to check out the Thermaltake website for more information.

The case comes sandwiched inbetween two rather large Styrofoam spacers and is further protected by a plastic bag. This is adequate and as you can see later on, the case reached me unharmed.


You will not receive an out of the ordinary things in terms of contents. A warranty statement and manual along with seperate bags of screws, spacers for installing one large fan in front instead of a 120 mm unit and a mainboard speaker. As you can see, Thermaltake also supplies rings to cover the sharp edges of the water cooling openings in the rear of the case, if you chose to use them.
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