Thermaltake Divider 200 TG Air Snow Review 6

Thermaltake Divider 200 TG Air Snow Review

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Thermaltake ships the Divider 200 TG Air Snow in a brown cardboard box with an image of the case on both the front and back. A marking on the front will let you know which color variant is inside. On one side of the package is a specifications table, while the other just has another image of the chassis itself.

Two foam spacers hold the Divider 200 TG Air Snow in place, and a plastic bag keeps away scratches and fingerprints.


You will receive two foam pads for the PSU, several zip ties, and black screws along with a speaker unit. On top of that, Thermaltake includes shaped, magnetic dust filters for the side panels and floor of the Divider 200 TG Air Snow. Noteworthy is also the fact that the two for the side panels are nice and fine and thus provide extra protection. Lastly, there is a well-written manual to let you know what the chassis is capable of and how to assemble things.
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