Thermaltake Mozart TX Review 11

Thermaltake Mozart TX Review



No, this review is not about the plasma TV. It's about the nice computer case to the left of it.
The Thermaltake VE1000 Mozart TX case is a case specifically designed for the needs of home entertainment users.

It is available in four editions:
  • Black - with Window
  • Black - no Window
  • Silver - with Window
  • Silver - no Window
Please note that only the silver version is made out of full aluminum. The black version uses SECC steel and is a lot heavier. We tested the silver version with window in this review.

Case type:
Cube tower
330 x 360 x 720 mm (W x D x H)
Case Side Panel:
Case Body Material:
Cooling System:

Front: 12cm fan x 2 (up to 5 fans)
Back: 12cm fan x 3 (up to 5 fans + 1 8 cm)


Primary: ATX, MicroATX, BTX, MicroBTX, NanoBTX, Pico BTX
Secondary: Mini-ITX

Drive Bay:

7" drive bay x1
5.25" drive bay x 5
3.5" drive bay x 7 (exposed: 1, hidden: 6)

Front IO:
E-SATA connector, USB 2.0 x 4, IEEE1394 Firewire, HD-Audio
Expansion Slots:
7 slots
Weight (net/gross)
9.0 kg / 9.5 kg


The box the Thermaltake Mozart TX comes in is HUGE. Lucky that it was not too heavy due to the all aluminum construction, which allowed it to be carried by one person.

If you decide to transport it in a car make sure you got 45 cm x 45 cm x 80 cm space available.

Inside the package the case is protected by Styrofoam and a transparent plastic. So even if the box is thrown around during shipping, chances are very low that damage to the case can occur.

In the box there is only the case, no extra boxes with loose parts.


Everything that is shipped with the case is stored inside it. You will find:
  • e-SATA cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Screw package
  • VFD display

All cables inside the case are attached firmly with sticky tape, so nothing will move around during shipping.

The keys to open the side panels are taped to the the back side. Easy to find, well attached.
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