Thermaltake Power Express 250W Review 0

Thermaltake Power Express 250W Review

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The front is covered with a transparent plastic that makes sure that the front is not scratched during shipping. On the right side you have the main power switch and three LEDs indicating that the unit is turned on and the status of the two output rails.

On the backside you can see the small fan that makes sure that the unit does not overheat.

The two PCI-Express power cables go to your video card(s). If you have only one card you can leave the second connector unconnected. The third cable plugs into the included ATX motherboard adapter which is used to sense "system powered on".

The Thermaltake Power Express is running completely independent from your main power supply. To get access to the mains voltage this small PCI slot cover goes into the back of your case and the power cable is plugged into it.
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