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Thermaltake SMART 730 W Review

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We would like to thank Thermaltake for supplying the review sample.

Thermaltake is one of the few companies that have a portfolio spanning many different products, including power supplies. As it seems they highly desire a very strong presence in the PSU market and lately they decided to go with the tough economic times, releasing a budget series which promises good performance without any useless bells and whistles. This series is called SMART and consists of modular and non-modular units with capacities ranging from 430W to 730W. All SMART units, except the modular ones which are Bronze certified, have a basic 80 Plus certification and are guaranteed to deliver their full power continuously at up to 40°C operating temperature. Here we should also note that the modular SMART units are made by Channel Well Technology while the non-modular ones are made by HEC/Compucase, so we are talking about two completely different platforms here.

Today we will review the strongest of the SMART units, the non-modular SMART 730W or SP-730P. Briefly this unit, according to Thermaltake, offers up to 86% efficiency, it is equipped with a 120mm fan, has a single +12V rail and finally it is equipped with a sufficient number of connectors including four PCIe ones. Unfortunately, in order to keep its price as low as possible, not all cables are sleeved; something that may look weird to many users. In our opinion even for a small price increase we think that Thermaltake should provide sleeving on all wires since it really helps not only in appearance but practically too, in cable management tasks.

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