Thermaltake Toughpower DPS 850 W Review 5

Thermaltake Toughpower DPS 850 W Review

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We would like to thank Thermaltake for supplying the review sample.

Thermaltake is a company with the courage to follow modern trends by offering innovative products. Proven to be innovative many times in the past, Thermaltake still joined the digital PSU era rather late. Obviously wanting to make a strong entry into such a highly competitive market segment with strong competitors, Corsair's AXi models included, Thermaltake realized that they could quickly squander a lot of money unless they planned their moves well ahead of time and with care. Their late, official introduction to digital PSUs then allowed them to carefully study the competition's offerings, which had them apply improvements to areas in need of them—the interface of the monitor/control program Corsair’s implementation overcomplicates a little, for example. DPSApp, the program through which you control and monitor various functions of Thermaltake's DPS units, then looks very nice and is fairly easy to use, but we will examine it closely shortly to highlight its advantages and mention possible improvements that would make it even better.

The fresh DPS series only consists of three units with capacities of 750 W, 850 W and 1050 W. The strongest unit apparently features some additional circuits since it allows +12V voltage control while the other two models' control functions are restricted to the fan's operational profile. All units are 80 Plus Gold certified, Haswell ready, and feature a fully modular cabling design with flat and stealth cables. In today’s review, we will fully evaluate the 850 W model, or DPS-850. It will probably be the most interesting model of the three to a greater portion of users. Let’s move on to the next page to check out the unit’s specifications.

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