Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 ARGB 850 W Gold Review 7

Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 ARGB 850 W Gold Review

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We would like to thank Thermaltake for supplying the review sample.

Thermaltake is deep into RGB lighting, and although I am not that fond of this feature, there are users out there who even want their PSU to glow in the dark. Thankfully, the TPD-0850F3FAGU-1, while boasting a load of different lighting modes (Wave, Spiral, Flow, Heartbeat, Ripple, Fully Lighted, and Spectrum), also has a switch to completely turn the lighting off, which is the best mode if you ask me! This unit also supports synchronization with compatible RGB motherboards from ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI, and ASRock. You will find the RGB motherboard compatibility list here.

According to Thermaltake, the TPD-0850F3FAGU-1 only uses Japanese caps, but this doesn't mean much to me if I don't get to look at their model numbers. Not all Mercedes models are the same; there are affordable models and incredibly expensive ones with all the bells and whistles. The same goes for the caps; there are mainstream models with low lifetimes and high-end ones rated for many thousands of hours under even harsh operating conditions (105 °C), which is why the marketing term "Japanese caps" doesn't mean jack to me. On the contrary, only when a brand states that is uses Chemi-Con's KY or KZH parts has it earned my respect.


Thermaltake TPD-0850F3FAGU-1 Features & Specifications
Max. DC Output850 W
EfficiencyETA-A & 80 PLUS Gold
Intel C6/C7 Power State Support
Operating Temperature0 °C - 50 °C
ProtectionsOver Voltage Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Over Power Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Over Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Cooling140 mm HDB RGB Fan (TT-1425/A1425S12S-2)
Semi-passive Operation✗ (selectable)
Dimensions150 mm (W) x 88 mm (H) x 160 mm (D)
Weight1.7 kg (3.75 lb)
ComplianceATX12V v2.31, EPS 2.92
Warranty10 years
Price at Time of Review (excl. VAT)$179.99

The provided warranty is extra long at ten-years, matching Corsair's and EVGA's offerings. Only Seasonic provides longer warranty periods with its Prime models.

At 160 mm deep, dimensions are compact. However, there are even smaller PSUs with the same capacity (Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 850 W, for example).

That the semi-passive operation can be deactivated is definitely a pro since it makes the power supply compatible with all kind of cases, even those that require the PSU to be installed with the fan grille facing downward.

Thermaltake TPD-0850F3FAGU-1 Power Specifications
Rail3.3 V5 V12 V5 VSB-12 V
Max. Power22 A22 A70.9 A3 A0.3 A
120 W850.8 W15 W3.6 W
Total Max. Power850 W

Cables and Connectors

Modular Cables
DescriptionCable CountConnector Count (Total)GaugeIn Cable Capacitors
ATX connector 20+4 pin (600 mm)1118AWGNo
8 pin EPS12V (650 mm)1116AWGNo
4+4 pin EPS12V (650 mm)1116AWGNo
6+2 pin PCIe (500 mm + 150 mm) 3616-18AWGNo
SATA (500 mm + 150 mm + 150 mm + 150 mm)31218AWGNo
4 pin Molex (500 mm + 150 mm + 150 mm + 150 mm)1418AWGNo
FDD Adapter (+100 mm)1122AWGNo
ARGB Sync Cable (+800 mm)1126AWGNo
AC Power Cord (1420 mm) - C13 coupler1118AWG-

As expected in a good 850 W power supply, there are two EPS connectors, along with six PCIe connectors, which is enough. The number of peripheral connectors is adequate as well, and the distance between them is ideal at 150 mm. In most reviews, I complain about short distances between connectors, especially between the 4-pin Molex connectors, which can create compatibility problems with some cases. Thankfully, Thermaltake didn't cheap out on the modular cables.

Component Analysis

Thermaltake TPD-0850F3FAGU-1 Parts Description
General Data
Manufacturer (OEM)CWT
PCB TypeDouble Sided
Primary Side
Transient Filter4x Y caps, 2x X caps, 2x CM chokes, 1x MOV, 1x Discharge IC
Bridge Rectifier(s)1x GBU1506 (600 V, 15 A @ 100 °C)
Inrush Current ProtectionNTC Thermistor & Relay
APFC MOSFETs2x Infineon IPA60R125P6 (650 V, 19 A @ 100 °C, 0.125 Ohm)
APFC Boost Diode1x Infineon IDH08G65C5 (650 V, 8 A @ 145 °C)
Hold-up Cap(s)

2x Nippon Chemi-Con (400 V, 470 uF each or 940 uF combined, 2,000 h lifetime @ 105 °C, KMR)

Main Switchers2x Toshiba TK25A60X5 (600 V, 25 A @ 150 °C, 0.14 Ohm)
APFC ControllerChampion CM6502UHHX & CM03X Green PFC Controller
Resonant ControllerChampion CM6901X
TopologyPrimary side: Half-Bridge & LLC converter
Secondary side: Synchronous Rectification & DC-DC converters
Secondary Side
+12V6x On Semiconductor NTMFS5C430N (40 V, 131 A @ 100 °C, 1.7 mOhm)
5V & 3.3VDC-DC Converters: 2x UBIQ QM3006D (30 V, 57 A @ 100 °C, 5.5 mOhm) & 2x UBIQ QM3016D (30 V, 68 A @ 100 °C, 4 mOhm)
PWM Controllers: ANPEC APW7159C
Filtering CapacitorsElectrolytics: 5x Nippon Chemi-Con (4 - 10,000 h lifetime @ 105 °C, KY), 6x Nippon Chemi-Con (1 - 5,000 h lifetime @ 105 °C, KZE), 1x Nippon Chemi-Con (5 - 6,000 h lifetime @ 105°C, KZH), 2x Nichicon (5 - 6,000 h lifetime @ 105°C, HE)
Polymers: FPCAP
Supervisor ICWSitronix ST9S429-PG14 (OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, PG)
Fan ModelThermaltake TT-1425 (Hong Sheng OEM, A1425S12S-2, 140 mm, 12 V, 0.70 A, Hydrodynamic Bearing, RGB LED Lighting Fan
5VSB Circuit
Rectifier(s)UTC 4N65 (650 V, 4 A @ 25 °C, 2.5 Ohm)
Buck ConverterOn-Bright OB5269

This platform reminds me of the one used in the RMx units a lot. The main differences are the more advanced fan controller the Corsair units utilize, along with the NR135L fan and different VRM board. On the primary side, a half-bridge topology is used, supported by an LLC resonant converter to minimize switching losses.

The APFC uses Infineon FETs, and the boost diode is also provided by the same manufacturer. The bulk caps have enough combined capacity for a hold-up time of over 17 ms at full load.

The +12V FETs are installed close to the main transformer to reduce energy losses. The electrolytic filtering caps are of good quality and provided by Chemi-Con and Nichicon. A number of polymer FPCAP caps are also used.

The supervisor IC is a Sitronix ST9S429-PG14, and the primary rectifier for the 5VSB circuit is a UTC 4N65 FET.

Both VRMs are installed on a small board.

Soldering quality is good.

Many FPCAP polymer caps on the modular board provide an extra ripple suppression layer.

The fan carries Thermaltake's logo, but Hong Sheng makes it. According to its official specifications, it uses a hydro dynamic bearing, which is similar to a fluid dynamic bearing.
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