Thermaltake XJOG Review 0

Thermaltake XJOG Review


From the manufacturer Thermaltake:
  • Provides a steady stream of cool air, Keeps you cool, wherever you are
  • Ideal for notebook users, LAN gamers, or anyone using a PC in low-light environment
  • Soft fan blades- safe and will not cause injury
  • Easy To Carry- Compact design, stored easily easily into your briefcase
  • Flexible Neck- provides a cool breeze from almost any angle
  • High-quality motor- barely audible so you won't disturb the others
  • Simple To Use- Just plug and play
  • Light On/Off switch- Adjustable light with On/Off switch
  • Power Saving design- Low power consumption
Working power250 mW
Weight245 g
Length455 mm
Input VoltageUSB 5V
ConnectorUSB A TYPE 4 M
MaterialPVC and Aluminum
Available LED ColorsWhite and Blue
LED Input Current100 mA (max)
Fan Input Current90 mA (max)
Fan Speed2500 RPM


Total length of the XJOG is 45.5 cm - long enough for all applications I can think of. Since many of you don't know how to handle cm's I included a CD in the picture so you can get a feeling for the XJOGs size.

The switch at the end of the XJOG has three positions:
  • Off
  • LED on, Fan off
  • LED on, Fan on


The shaft is very flexible but it seems possible that it might break under heavy abuse.

Light output is very good - not too dark, not too bright. The length of the XJOG is enough for my notebooks 15.1" display so it should fit most notebooks.

Value and Conclusion

  • The XJOG is selling for about $10 which is an excellent price.
  • Nice looking, Soft fan blades, Available in two colors.
  • Easy to install.
  • No external power supply needed.
  • A bit hard to justify the expense.