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Thermaltake XTunner Review

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I would like to thank Thermaltake for supplying me with the unit for review.

For the stereotype american the remote control is probably the most important aspect of his home life. That's probably why Thermaltake is the first manufacturer to create a fan controller that can be controlled via infrared remote. This is a great idea if you use your computer to watch movies - turn down the fan to reduce noise while you are watching.

Remote Control
Dimensions:89.9 x 54.7 x 7.7 mm
Lift Exception:45.000 times
Rated Temperature:-10°C - +60°C
Transmit Distance:12m (open space)
Battery Voltage2.8V - 3.2V
Device Space5.25" drive device
Dimensions148.4 x 42 x 68 mm
Rated Temperature0°C - 70°C
Input VoltageDC 12V
Output VoltageDC 12V
Output ChannelsFour
Max. Current per channel1 Ampere
Rated Frequency4 MHz
Receive Distance12m (open space)
Receive Direction45° (+- 22.5° )


Box contents:
  • 5.25" Fan Controller
  • IR Remote Control
  • Manual
  • Misc cables
What I find a bit odd here is that no mounting screws are included, on the other hand almost every computer user should have the required screws to mount it.
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