Travagans Colors Portable Headphone Amp Review 1

Travagans Colors Portable Headphone Amp Review

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The Package

The "Colors" came in a cylindrical box. Like most headphone amplifiers you can get the "Colors" in a lot of different colors. Right now it is available in the following colors: white (just like the one I received for review), black, red and green.

Inside the cylindrical box you find that all of the stuff is packed in a tool roll kind of thing. The bundle is also really good, you get three rubber straps like the "Live Strong" wrist bands that were so hip last year, a neck strap, a short USB to mini-USB connector for recharging the unit, and two mini to mini interconnects. The bundle is well thought out and definitely suits the product very well.

With each amp you get two mini to mini interconnects that you use to hook it up to the headphone out of your DAP. You get one that is really short which is great if you plan on using the amp with your portable device and one that is approximately 0.5 m long for use with a laptop or other device where it might be considered practical to be able to move the amp further away from the source. They are both iPod white and the connector is really slim which means that it is iPhone compatible. The jacks are really tough because they are encased in a very thick and rugged type of heat-shrink.
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