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Travagans Colors Portable Headphone Amp Review

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Travagan's is an interesting new headphone amplifier manufacturer founded by one of the most accomplished headphone amp designers, namely David Lin. He was the guy that designed Firestone Audio's headphone amps, which pretty much formed the company. Despite Firestone's success he has now formed his own company dubbed Travagans.

Right now the Travagan's headphone amplifier lineup is quite small featuring only four different amps. The one I will be taking a look at today is the smallest amplifier in the lineup. It is called "Colors" and is available in four different colors.

It is a bit special because it is much smaller than most amplifiers and features a small Li-ion battery. The housing is pretty unconventional. Made from silica gel and shaped like a dog bone this outlandish looking thing is destined to turn quite a few heads. The small size does have a few drawbacks compared to a more traditional amp design, for example there is no volume control on the Colors. This means that you cannot use it with a line-out dock from your iPod or any other line level out for that matter.


  • Environmental-friendly, good hand-feel shell material. Four colors available.
  • Equipped with rechargeable lithium ion Battery, no memory effect.
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery is designed to prevent over charge / discharge, it will shut off automatically when charge completed.
  • When charge completed, it can run for 24 hours!
  • USB port is available for recharging, can be connected to any computer.
  • Comes with premium package and accessories.
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