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Tt eSPORTS, a division of Thermaltake focused on gaming peripherals, currently offers over 30 gaming headsets. One of their newest headsets, the Tt eSPORTS Shock V2, is a direct successor to the original Shock launched back in 2015. The general concept mostly remained the same: it's still a no-frills analogue gaming headset. Priced at $65, it's a potentially interesting choice for gamers on a limited budget, although the competition in this field is incredibly stiff—as we all know, there are some excellent gaming headsets for $50 or less.

Compared to its predecessor, the Tt eSPORTS Shock V2 changed in a couple of key areas. It has new speaker drivers now measuring 50 millimeters in diameter while the older ones are a 40-mm affair and—to quote Tt eSPORTS—now comes with the "latest bidirectional microphone." The specs of the microphone look identical to the 2015 Shock, but that doesn't mean the Shock V2 isn't equipped with a new and improved microphone capsule. Several areas of the headset have been slightly redesigned, and it's 15 grams lighter, which should make it slightly more comfortable. The ear cups are still foldable, and the microphone is pivotable, but otherwise nondetachable.


  • 50-mm dynamic drivers (neodymium magnet)
  • 32 Ω impedance
  • 20-20,000 Hz frequency response (specified by the manufacturer)
  • Closed-back, over-ear design
  • Pivotable bidirectional microphone
  • Foldable ear cups
  • In-line remote control with volume dial and microphone mute switch
  • 1.8 m rubberized cable (3.5-mm dual 3-pole TRS) + 20 cm TRS-to-TRRS adapter cable
  • Weight: 315 g
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