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Tt eSPORTS Talon Elite Gaming Gear Combo Review

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Surface and Materials

As for the surface, the top of the shell is coated with a rather matte paint—I think it's a UV-style paint like on the Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye, but I'm not 100% sure. It is very smooth and doesn't seem to collect grime and fingerprints very easily, which is great news. That said, it's far from the grippiest coating I've ever touched. This is quite intuitive; skin comes in many different types and sweats differently as well, which has some prefer glossy surfaces where others prefer rubberized ones, and so on.

The side panels are made out of textured plastic. The texturing is small and grainy, which tends to give me a pretty fantastic grip on those areas. I'd like to see this on the top parts as well, but again, most people might find it off-putting. All in all, the mouse feels rather grippy, and the materials used are rather nice, especially if we consider the price.

Build Quality

Build quality of the the Talon isn't perfect, unfortunately. The first thing to immediately stick out for me was the loose scroll wheel, and it can rattle around if you shake the mouse. Besides that, the protruding parts of the rear can emit slight creaking sounds, but only when you press down with great force, so it shouldn't be an issue at all during normal use. The other parts of the mouse are solid and well put together.


Moving on to the weight, this mouse is rather heavy for its size, sitting at about 111 grams. After disassembling it, I instantly realized why as there is a built-in weight that comes in at about 15 grams with its screw. This is unfortunately a common "quirk" on cheaper mice. For some reason, manufacturers and non-power users tend to think heavier equals better quality (more material used); however, these days, that idea is very far removed from reality. Weight is mostly a personal preference, but a lighter mouse is generally better for your joints in the long run (of course, ergonomics are a bigger factor than weight alone).
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