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TwinMOS Speed Premium PC3200 Review

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The TwinMOS Speed Premium PC3200 memory modules are geared towards the casual overclocker, who wants to get more out of his PC. Those modules are built using TwinMOS/TwinMOS PC3200 chips which have been selected to allow overclocking to DDR450 without any previous experience in overclocking. While the tests are performed at TwinMOS, the price does not increase.

Official Press Release
Though this model is labeled DDR400, it has outperformed standard DDR400 modules. Moreover, all overclocking settings have been completed before shipping, so users can easily enhance the speed to nearly 450MHz without operating complicated BIOS setup. Most importantly, Speed Premium DDR400 is compatible with most motherboards on the market. Currently this series offers both 256MB and 512MB memory capacity. In addition to using matched dies of the latest wafer process technology, advanced ADVAN-TEST T5585/T5593 also have been applied to all modules before shipping to ensure their stability and compatibility is superior to products of the same category from other manufacturers.

The PCB is made by Brainpower and has Revision No. B6U808

The chips are PowerChip TSOP, rated by Twinmos for 4.4 ns. That is why every module should be able to run 227 Mhz (1000/4.4).


  • Double Data Rate architecture
  • MRS cycle with address key programs
    - CAS latency: CL2, 2.5
    - Burst length: 2, 4, 8
    - Burst type: Sequential & Interleave
  • 2 variations of refresh
    - Auto refresh
    - Self refresh
  • Serial Presence Detect support
  • 2 Banks to be operated simultaneously or independently
  • Package: TSOP
  • 184 edge connector pads
  • Clock frequency: 133/ 166/ 200 (2.5-3-3-X) MHz
  • SSTL-2 interface: 2.6 Voltage +/- 0.2v
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