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Unruly Heroes is a side scroller puzzler/beat 'em up that sits squarely between Trine and Child of Light. You play as four interchangeable heroes without almost-but-not-quite unique skills, and charge through some extremely large and vertical levels, smashing your way through puzzles and hidden areas. There are also smatterings of instant death traps akin to I Wanna Be The Guy, which was a bit of a surprise, but it certainly added a bit of urgency to the otherwise laid back approach to level progression.

The art style is a particular selling point as the game features some pretty incredible backdrops and truly unique and altogether bizarre enemies and hazards. The main issue the game faces is that the side scroller genre is fairly heavily saturated at the moment, and it has some rather heavy hitters across the board that have maintained their rule over the top echelons. It's an upward climb for developers Magic Design Studios because they've got some serious competition to face. When you're borrowing so lightly from some big names, you had better be sure your implementation does the genre justice.

I also made a video review, see below:

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