Vertagear Triigger 275 Gaming Chair Review 27

Vertagear Triigger 275 Gaming Chair Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 275 retails for $600.
  • Comfortable, breathable, and reinforced Du Pont Mesh
  • Overall build quality
  • 98% recyclable materials, calfskin leather
  • 150 kg body weight support
  • Adjustable dimensions
  • Quality Holtron hub-less wheels
  • Height-adjustable lumbar support
  • Ten-year warranty period
  • Easy assembly
  • Price
  • Backrest won't go all the way back or move all the way to the front
  • Lack of head support
  • Stitching fault in our sample
A good chair is always greatly appreciated. When it comes to gaming, a comfortable and ergonomic chair is the one users will choose from amongst a pile of others. An ergonomically designed chair can help prevent back problems or will at least alleviate those that already exist. By the looks of it, the Triigger 275 resembles an office chair more than one for gaming, but it actually offers so much more. Whether you prefer a conventional or sports-looking gaming chair is up to your personal preference, of course.

Aesthetics, comfort, and the price tag obviously play a big role when searching for a chair. Vertagear made sure to make a strong point with the Triigger 275. By using an aluminum alloy frame and base, the overall chair's weight is kept low without giving up any structural integrity. This chair can, as such, endure a weight of up to 150 kg. The addition of calfskin leather, which decorates the sitting and backrest areas, does add a certain luxurious note. The adjustable and wide sitting area and flexible mesh material, which breathes really well and is capable of coping with high temperatures and heavy hydraulic movements, make this chair perfect for longer sessions. Having said all of the above, the Triigger 275 is a better choice than a typical gaming chair, especially when it comes to hot environments. Even so, there are some downsides we spotted since no product is perfect.

For starters, there is the stitching fault at the front of the backrest. It looks completely out of place in such an expensive chair. Secondly, the user's manual didn't really delve into how to adjust the armrests and backrest in as much detail as we would have liked. While it sounds easy, it took us some time to understand how to lock all adjustments into place properly. The absence of the headrest is definitely one of the biggest downfalls. Even though it is mentioned as optional in the manual, it is only available for the Triigger 350 on their website. The last of this product's cons is the stiff price tag users have to pay to acquire it. However, if we take into account the provided 10-year warranty, its $599.99 price does look kind of decent.

If you don't like the blue color of our sample, there are three different colors to choose from: white, red, and anthrax. We should stress, however, that a different color scheme only means the leather stripes and the insides of the caster wheels will use it. All variations of the Triigger 275 cost exactly the same, so it is up to you to make a choice. In any case, we believe you won't regret going for this chair since it is really comfortable and well built. However, we would like Vertagear to provide and include a headrest in the bundle.
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