Vilfo VPN Router Review - Keep Your Online Activity Private! 4

Vilfo VPN Router Review - Keep Your Online Activity Private!

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VPN and privacy lovers may have heard of OVPN before, a popular VPN service provider based out of Sweden that specifically focuses on no trackers when browsing the internet. The company had built a hardware router a few years ago, the OVPNbox based on pfSense, but it had.. less than desirable results and feedback. For one, it cost more than the net sum of the output. People were quick to note that they could build an analogous setup using an x86 processor with OpenVPN. The product seemed too technically out of reach for the average end user, so much so that the customer who could make the most of it could also do something custom entirely. Vilfo was created because of that experience, which the company states outright is fully independent from OVPN and has as its goal the development of a true successor that aims to lower the entry barrier for a VPN router experience for everyone. We take a look at the Vilfo VPN router today, and thanks again to the company for sending TechPowerUp a review sample!

Vilfo has recently brought a product out, the VPN router for homes, which is on display in the preview above. The company is working on a business solution as well, which does pique my interest in terms of how it will differ. Regardless, it has been a while since I have had my hands on a router that has external antennas, which makes it a nice departure from the usual mix of mesh WiFi systems and mobile routers tested to date. This is an all-white router that is on the smaller side of things, with the company taking time to let you know of the powerful processing system inside to handle all the integrated VPN features. We will examine all this and more in this review beginning with a look at the specifications in the table below.


Vilfo VPN Router
Processor:Intel® Celeron
WiFi:Mediatek MT7612E supporting 802.11a/b/g/n/ac at up to 867 Mbps throughput
Ports:1x WAN, 3x LAN; all 1 GigE Ethernet
RAM:2 GB DDR3 1600 MHz
Storage:16 GB SSD
Dimensions:180 (L) x 120 (W) x 42 (H) mm
Antennas:8 dBi antennas (2T2R)
Bands:2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WiFi
WarrantyOne year
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