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VLSystem LIS 2 Blue Eye VFD Review

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Matrix Orbital and VL System are the two main manufacturers of LCD devices for 5.25” bays of our beloved rigs. Today, we will be looking at VL System’s LIS 2 Blue Eye. VL System has been around since 1997 (compared to Matrix Orbital, established in 1995), so their products have enough of a background to build upon. What does L.I.S actually stand for? Believe it or not, it's Lost In Space. I sure do hope that I don't get lost!


Stated by VL System:
  • HW and SW information
  • Real time CPU, memory and HDD usage
  • USB Interface (1.1 and 2.0)
  • 4Ch automatic fan control
  • Automatic software update
  • Software skin support
  • Winamp and Windows Media support
  • E-mail check
  • Message alarm
  • Windows 2000/2003/XP/XP Media Center edition


The unit itself comes in a relatively small, but well designed, box. Everything fits snugly, you can see the unit itself through the window on one side. All the components included in the package are listed below the window. The front of the LCD panel also has a protective foil over it, so you are sure to receive an unscratched device.

The contents of the package are:
  • L.I.S 2 Unit (the display is 2x20)
  • Installation CD
  • Manual
  • 3x 3 pin fan extension cable
  • 2x 4 pin fan extension cable
  • Power cable
  • Internal USB cable
  • External USB cable

First Impressions

After opening up the box, I was quite impressed. On the top you find all the manuals/CDs, etc., and below a cardboard divider is the unit itself. It has a sturdy feel to it; the steel used to make the unit is by no means flimsy. The bezel of the unit does not have any buttons, and it is up to you to decide if you like it this way or not.

The only thing that you might be missing in this bundle is a Molex pass-through cable.
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