WD Black SN770 1 TB Review - What Magic is This? 47

WD Black SN770 1 TB Review - What Magic is This?

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Western Digital (or simply WD) is the world's largest manufacturer of storage solutions, mostly known for their wide range of hard disk offerings. With their acquisition of SanDisk in 2016, WD became one of the largest manufacturers for flash storage, too.

In today's review, we'll be taking a look at the Western Digital WD Black SN770, which is a value-oriented SSD design with support for PCI-Express 4.0, but lacking a DRAM cache. We recently reviewed the PCI-Express 3.0-based WD Blue SN570 and were impressed by how well it handles all workloads, even those that usually require a DRAM cache chip, which sets the bar high for the SN770. For the SN770, and its PCIe 4.0 requirement, WD came up with a new 20-82-10081 controller and paired it with the latest 112-layer 3D TLC flash that SanDisk produces in a joint venture with Kioxia (ex-Toshiba), also known as BiCS5. A DRAM cache is not available, definitely to reduce manufacturing cost. To connect with the rest of the system, the PCI-Express 4.0 interface is used.

The WD Black SN770 comes in capacities of 250 GB ($53), 500 GB ($70), 1 TB ($115), and 2 TB ($250). Endurance for these models is set to 200 TBW, 300 TBW, 600 TBW, and 1200 TBW respectively. WD includes a five-year warranty with the SN770.

Specifications: WD Black SN770 1 TB SSD
Brand:Western Digital / WD
Capacity:1000 GB (931 GB usable)
24 GB additional overprovisioning
Controller:SanDisk 20-82-10081-A1
Flash:Kioxia/Toshiba 112-layer 3D TLC BiCS5
Rebranded as SanDisk
DRAM:N/A, but 64 MB Host-Memory-Buffer
Endurance:600 TBW
Form Factor:M.2 2280
Interface:PCIe Gen 4 x4, NVMe 1.4
Device ID:WD_BLACK SN770 1TB
Warranty:5 years
Price at Time
of Review:
$115 / $115 per TB
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