Wemax Go Pro Portable ALDP Projector Review 1

Wemax Go Pro Portable ALDP Projector Review

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I would like to thank Wemax for supplying the sample.

Having recently reviewed the Wemax Go as part of their Indigogo campaign launch, we now get to complete that product line-up by reviewing the Wemax Go Pro. Just looking at the specifications of the unit, it is crystal clear that the two ALDP projectors are vastly different. As of the time of writing, you can get the Wemax Go for $299 and Wemax Go Pro for $599 on Indiegogo.

Wemax GoWemax Go Pro
Light Source:ALPD Laser, 25.000 hour lifespanALPD Laser, 25.000 hour lifespan
Luminance:300 ANSI lumens600 ANSI lumens
Screen Size:15–100 in.40–120 in.
Focus Mode:ManualAutomatic
Keystone Correction:Vertical keystone correction4-point keystone correction
Audio:1-watt speaker4-watt speaker
Projection Method:Forward, backward projectionForward, backward, and side projection
Ports:Input: USB-C (power), HDMI 1.4, USB-A; Output: headphone jackInput: USB-C (power), HDMI 2.0, USB-A; Output: headphone jack
Wireless Connectivity:WiFi: 2.4 GHzWiFi: 2.4/5.0 GHz, Bluetooth: 5.0
Memory/Storage:8 MB / 128 MB2 GB / 16 GB
Operating System:N/ASmartOS
Casting:Miracast / AirplayMiracast / Airplay / DLNA
Battery:N/A3485 mAh
Power:30 watts, USB-C compatible power source65 watts, USB-C compatible power source
Dimensions:5.94 x 3.27 x 0.97 in.8.46 x 4.53 x 0.97 in.
Other Features:-Obstacle Avoidance, Intelligent Screen Alignment


The Wemax Go Pro ships in a flat, brown cardboard box with a sticker on it letting you know what is inside. Our sample is not yet visually localized and Wemax asked us to cover up any branding as the devices for the US market will come with localized branding. The flat, black cardboard retail box has a silky finish and provides a very nice initial impression that is quite different to that of the Wemax Go we recently reviewed.

Within the package is a little overlay with the company slogan. Underneath of that, you will find the projector, remote, and power supply neatly and securely tucked away inside a foam base.

Wemax also sent us a portable 50" ALR screen. It comes packaged in a long brown tube and kept from tumbling around by foam spacers. A plastic bag covers the entire unit, which feels nice and hefty. It should be said that Wemax does not manufacture these screens themselves, so odds are you could find this screen through various online retailers at vastly different prices. As such, go for the most affordable offer.


Turning our attention back to the Wemax Go Pro, the power supply is reminiscent of that from an Apple notebook and utilizes USB-C as well. It is a 65 W PD3.0 unit, so you should be able to use potent battery packs for the Wemax Go Pro as an alternative power source.

The remote is made out of plastic, so it unfortunately feels a little flimsy. It is fairly slim and long, with the battery compartment taking up the bottom half of the remote. Overall, Wemax could have easily made the device shorter for smaller hands to always reach all the buttons, for example.

The projector and portable ALR screen each come with a basic instruction manual to help you set things up and familiarize yourself with all the functionality.
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