Winchip DDR2 1200 MHz 2 GB Kit Review 3

Winchip DDR2 1200 MHz 2 GB Kit Review

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I would like to thank Winchip for providing the review sample. The firm is well known in Asia and is now entering the european market as well.

Winchip was founded in 1995 and has been a large player in the asian OEM market from the beginning. They have been pushing their retail offerings quite successful, with unique DDR2 and now DDR3 memory. The next goal of Winchip is to enter the european market with their retail products. We covered their Computex presence in this article as it did draw our attention. They are one of the few companies shipping DDR2 memory at PC2-9600 or 1200 MHz and already had DDR3 at 1600 MHz running at the show. The DDR2 1200 MHz kit is already shipping in Asia and we get to take a look at the pair of DIMMs today as well.

Winchip is also looking for a distributor in Europe to break into the market. This first step is usually a very tough one and once they do, the new brand name will still have to establish itself in Europe. All this takes quite some time.


Winchip sent us a clear package. As these heatspreaders and the new, larger packaging is still new, the design has not yet been finalized. After getting the samples, we got the above pictures directly from Winchip. Winchip will use the large heatspreaders on the high-end model memory if no preference is mentioned. This is good, as any memory at 2.45V produces more heat and the larger variants cool the memory better.

Winchip can also package the memory with the small heatspreaders if the customer wishes. The retail product above ones are red, but these are also available in multiple colors.
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