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Wooting One Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Wooting put a plastic wrap over the product packaging to make sure you get a box that is mostly free of dust and in pristine condition out of the shipping container. The box is quite subdued in color, which goes with the color scheme of the keyboard itself, as we saw on the previous page. On the front is just the company logo and product name in white on a completely black backdrop, and the back actually has even less with just the company website near the bottom. On the sides is a small print of a keyboard and the product tag sticker. There is a double flap in the middle that keeps the contents inside in place.

Opening the box, we immediately see the keyboard with a cardboard cutout underneath separating it from the accessories Wooting provides here. A heart smiley has been printed onto the cardboard here, and, more practically, there is a cutout in the middle that will help lift it up. The accessories come packaged very well also, either inside a plastic pouch for paper items or inside cut compartments in a thick foam sheet. Wooting provides a quick-start guide, language help kit, and an actual postcard should you want to write them. The guides are handy, but Wooting has also released useful tutorials and support documentation on their website that are all worth reading/watching. The keyboard's cable is also removable, braided, and goes from a male micro-USB to male USB Type-A connector. There are also a few spare screws to use should you happen to have lost a few when modding/replacing/removing the top plate.

The next set of accessories is all to do with the so-called "first aid kit" consisting of four spare Flaretech Red and Blue switches each. The names are misleading, however, as both switches have a clear stem and the blue switch has an orange-red inset inside instead of the red. We will cover the switches in more details later, but the point of including these is for you to be able to replace switches that are perhaps not working as well or to try out a linear or clicky switch if you happen to have picked the keyboard with clicky or linear switches respectively. Wooting provides a two-sided, orange-colored tool that is a keycap puller on one side and a switch puller on the other. As with most other optical-switch keyboards, the Wooting One has swappable switches thus.
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