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XFX XTS Series 1000 W Review

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We would like to thank XFX for supplying the review sample.

XFX's portfolio currently consists of three PSU lines. The most affordable is called TS and only includes non-modular units, the XTR belongs to the mid-level category and features fully modular low-to-mid capacity units, and the new XTS is their high-end line. The three members of the XTS family can, respectively, deliver 460 W, 520 W, or 1000 W, and the first two are also completely passive, which has them use no fan, while the third utilizes a hybrid fan mode where the fan doesn't spin up with light loads for a noiseless experience at those loads. All XTS units are manufactured by Seasonic, so we expect much in terms of performance.

This review will take a good look at the XTS-1000, XFX's current flagship PSU. The unit not only features 80 Plus Platinum efficiency as it is also fully modular, uses capacitors of high quality, a key component in a good PSU, and promises very high performance under all conditions. Since we have come across this platform many times before, we are pretty sure its performance will be on par with that of the high-end competition. The XTS-1000 even features a unique external design, which will make it appeal to many case modders, and it, contrary to Seasonic's retail implementations which utilize smaller 120 mm fans with ball-bearings for significantly more noise under similar operating conditions, actually uses a 135 mm FDB fan. This unit will hopefully also use a relaxed fan-speed profile to fully capitalize on the additional airflow its larger fan provides.

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