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XGIMI Mogo Pro+ Projector Review

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A Closer Look

The XGIMI Mogo Pro+ is the same size as the original Mogo Pro. It is basically slightly larger than a classic can of beans, but since most readers here are probably more familiar with PC components, the 2.5" SSD should provide a good reference point as well. On the scale, the unit clocks in at 914 g, which gives it a pretty hefty feel.

The unit comes with a metal sheet surround with vents, as the built-in speakers need exposure. In the rear, you will find the power button, audio out, HDMI port, and USB-A plug. The very bottom connector is meant for power. If you look closely, you can see an opening for the built-in fan to expel hot air through on the left.

Both sides of the XGIMI Mogo Pro+ are identical and sport the Harman Kardon branding.

Look closely at the front and you will find a camera on the bottom that is meant to automatically adjust the keystone of the image so that it is straight and level even when placing the XGIMI Mogo Pro+ at up to a 40° angle. Above that is the lens behind a clear bar.

You may mount the projector on a stand, tripod or ceiling mount, and XGIMI has also engineered the housing with a small kickstand so that you may angle the unit upward more. This should come in handy if placing the Mogo Pro+ on the floor next to you on a camping trip, for example. On top are three capacitive buttons for volume and play/pause.

An LED also lights up in three essential colors: red for charging, yellow for startup/shutdown, and green for a short while when the battery is fully charged, after which the LED will turn off. Thus, it is difficult to get that shot for you.

Mounting the XGIMI Mogo Pro+ is easy, and for our testing, we used a Manfrotto tri-pod, which worked like a charm.
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