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Xigmatek Vector P Series 700 W Review

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We would like to thank Xigmatek for supplying the review sample.

It has been a while since we last reviewed a Xigmatek PSU, so we were pleased when they contacted us to see if we would review their fresh PSU offering. The Vector P series currently only consists of two members, which, however, have some rather interesting features. Both units are, for starters, 80 Plus Platinum certified and most of their cables are modular. They also look slick, and Xigmatek says their casing to exploit stealth technology. No, neither is invisible to radars, but the ceramic coat supposedly helps cool all internal components by offering a larger heat-dissipating area. The new Vector units also use Japanese caps in the APFC circuit and are equipped with all available protection features to ensure they operate reliably.

Today’s star will be the Vector P700 with a capacity of 700 W and four PCIe connectors. Its smaller brother has 100 W less power and only two PCIe connectors, so most enthusiast users, the main crowd for these PSUs, will opt for the higher capacity Vector model. The P700 supports Intel's Haswell CPUs and their C6 and C7 states. Another incredibly interesting feature is the Reverse Thrust Fan Technology Xigmatek utilizes in these units. Reverse Thrust operates the PSU’s fan in reverse and at full speed for 30 seconds after startup, switching back to full speed and a normal operation for ten seconds before entering Thermal Management mode afterward. Reverse Thrust then clears the metal grill of accumulated dust each time the PSU is turned on, which is a boon because it prolongs the PSU's life cycle while lowering its output noise, as less dust leads to a cooler operation and less fan speed.

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