Xtrfy MZ1 Review - Zy's Rail 12

Xtrfy MZ1 Review - Zy's Rail

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Shape and Dimensions


Designed by Zy "Rocket Jump Ninja" Rykoa, the MZ1 follows many of the design principles established by him over the years. Zy is using fingertip grip, for which smaller mice are usually preferred. The highest point of the mouse is the hump in the back, which is located there to provide palm support. From there, the mouse gradually slopes down towards the front, resulting in the main buttons sitting comparatively low. Though resembling an ambidextrous design at first glance, the MZ1 is in fact asymmetrical, having the left side curve inwards more than the right side. Furthermore, the sides aren't straight, but slanted, creating a shift towards the top, like this: \__/. When looking at it from the bottom, one clearly sees that the top is wider than the bottom. The hump itself is rounded and flat, but extends almost across the entire width, creating ample space for the palm to rest on. The MZ1 has holes all over its body, though some parts aren't covered. These are the thumb area, front part of the main buttons, and parts of the right side, where the ring and pinky fingers are expected to rest. Coupled with the very deep comfort grooves, the shape of the MZ1 is rather restrictive in how it can be gripped. It's not meant to be gripped towards the back, but rather right in the middle, although some may find the hump irritating in that case, especially when using pure fingertip grip, which doesn't involve any palm contact. Claw grip is less affected by this, though people with wider hands may struggle with how narrow the MZ1 is. Albeit an original and bold design, it's not for everyone.

As for grip styles, I'd say the MZ1 mostly suits fingertip and, to a lesser extent, claw grip. It's a small-sized mouse with a moderately pronounced hump, which should make it generally suit medium to small hands. For reference, my hands are 19 cm long and 10 cm wide, and I found the MZ1 fairly comfortable in claw grip.


This table includes the dimensions of the Xtrfy MZ1 and several ambidextrous mice. "Front height" denotes the distance between the base and main buttons. Measurements with two decimals have been taken with a caliper, while those with one decimal have been taken with a ruler.

Xtrfy MZ1
MZ1Viper MiniM42Mira-SMM711Model O-
Base Length10.5 cm10.5 cm11.6 cm10.7 cm10.9 cm11.3 cm
Length (including overhang)11.14 cm11.74 cm11.85 cm11.20 cm11.5 cm11.8 cm
Front Height (lowest point)1.1 cm0.9 cm1.4 cm1.1 cm1.2 cm1.0 cm
Height (highest point)3.58 cm3.80 cm3.75 cm4.05 cm3.79 cm3.49 cm
Front Width (widest point)5.80 cm5.91 cm5.74 cm5.78 cm6.04 cm5.72 cm
Back Width (widest point)5.82 cm6.12 cm6.28 cm6.05 cm6.25 cm6.24 cm
Grip Width (narrowest point)5.40 cm5.63 cm5.54 cm5.42 cm6.03 cm5.43 cm

Below are some comparison shots with each of the measured mice:

Razer Viper Mini

Xtrfy M42

HK Gaming Mira-S

Cooler Master MM711

Glorious Model O-
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