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Zotac GeForce 8800 GTX OC Edition Review

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Zotac is a new player in the video card business. They are manufacturing only NVIDIA video cards and were established earlier this year. However, they have great potential because they are affiliated with PC Partner who supply cards to Sapphire for example too.

Their GeForce 8800 GTX OC is, as the name suggests, an overclocked version of the GeForce 8800 GTX. All specs remain the same, except for the clock speeds which were raised by Zotac to 630 MHz core and 1000 MHz memory. The core clock is even higher than that of the GeForce 8800 Ultra which was released just a few days ago.

2900 XT
8800 GTX Zotac 8800
8800 Ultra
Shader units 320128128128
ROPs16 x2 242424
Transistors700 M 681 M 681 M 681 M
Memory Size512 MB768 MB768 MB768 MB
Memory Bus Width 512 bit 384 bit 384 bit 384 bit
Core Clock742 MHz 575 MHz 630 MHz 612 MHz
Memory Clock825 MHz 900 MHz 1000 MHz 1080 MHz

Complete Specifications

For a more detailed look at the specifications and what they mean for you, read our NVIDIA G80 article.
  • Bus interface: PCI Express
  • Memory: 768MB
  • Memory Interface: 384 bit
  • Core Clock: 630 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 2000 MHz
  • RAMDACs: 400 MHz
  • NVIDIA® unified architecture with GigaThread™ technology
  • Full Microsoft® DirectX® 10 Shader Model 4.0 support
  • 16x full-screen anti-aliasing
  • True 128-bit floating point high dynamic-range (HDR) lighting
  • NVIDIA® Quantum Effects™ physics processing technology
  • Two dual-link DVI outputs support two 2560x1600 resolution displays
  • NVIDIA® PureVideo™ technology
  • OpenGL® 2.0 support
  • NVIDIA ForceWare® Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
  • Built for Microsoft® Windows Vista™
  • NVIDIA® Lumenex™ Engine
  • NVIDIA® nView® Multi-Display Technology
  • Dual 400MHz RAMDACs
  • Discrete, Programmable Video Processor
  • Hardware Decode Acceleration
  • Spatial-Temporal De-Interlacing
  • High-Quality Scaling
  • Inverse Telecine (3:2 & 2:2 Pulldown Correction)
  • Bad Edit Correction
  • Video Color Correction
  • Integrated SD and HD TV Output
  • Noise Reduction
  • Edge Enhancement
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