ZOTAC GeForce GTX 480 AMP! Edition Review 41

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 480 AMP! Edition Review

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It has been two months since NVIDIA launched their GeForce GTX 480 Series. Now, ZOTAC has unveiled their GTX 480 Amp! Edition that uses a non-reference air cooling solution. At this time the PCB design remains unchanged, but ZOTAC has increased the clock speeds to 756 MHz GPU and 950 MHz memory. This change should bring a healthy performance increase. ZOTAC also claims to use a special binning process which selects better overclocking cards to be used as AMP! Edition. Together with the customized Zalman VF3000 cooler the triple slot card promises to handle the increased heat without issues - has Zotac tamed the GeForce GTX 480 with an equally beastly cooler?

HD 5850
GTX 470
HD 5870
GTX 480
GTX 480 Amp!
HD 5970
Shader units 144044816004804802x 1600
ROPs32403248482x 32
GPUCypressGF100CypressGF100GF1002x Cypress
Transistors2154M3200M2154M3200M3200M2x 2154M
Memory Size1024 MB1280 MB1024 MB1536 MB1536 MB2x 1024 MB
Memory Bus Width 256 bit 320 bit 256 bit 384 bit 384 bit 2x 256 bit
Core Clock725 MHz 607 MHz 850 MHz 700 MHz 756 MHz 725 MHz
Memory Clock1000 MHz 837 MHz 1200 MHz 924 MHz 950 MHz 1000 MHz
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