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Zowie EC3-C Review

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Shape and Dimensions


Those expecting the EC3-C to simply be a uniformly sized-down EC2-B may be disappointed. Whereas the width at the front, middle, and back has stayed exactly the same, the EC3-C is just shorter than the EC2-B, though not by a huge amount, either. Effectively, the EC3-C is a lengthwise squashed EC2-B, albeit the hump isn't quite as tall. Accordingly, the feel in hand is very similar, making the EC3-C a worthwhile alternative mostly for those who found the EC2 to be too long, but just right otherwise. Aside from the difference in size, the geometry of the shape has not received any changes whatsoever.

As for grip styles, I'd say the EC3-C is generally suited for all three main grip styles: palm, claw, and fingertip grip. It's a medium-sized mouse with a moderately pronounced hump, which should make it generally suit most hand sizes. For reference, my hands are 19 cm long and 10 cm wide, and I found the EC3-C very comfortable in claw grip.


This table includes the dimensions of the Zowie EC3-C and several other right-handed ergonomic mice. "Front height" denotes the distance between the base and main buttons. Measurements with two decimals have been taken with a caliper, while those with one decimal have been taken with a ruler.

Zowie EC3-C
EC3-CAXXliteEC2-BModel D-
Base Length11.4 cm11.1 cm11.6 cm11.8 cm11.0 cm
Length (including overhang)11.92 cm11.75 cm12.36 cm12.1 cm11.76 cm
Front Height (lowest point)0.9 cm1.3 cm1.3 cm0.8 cm1.4 cm
Height (highest point)4.10 cm4.30 cm4.27 cm4.22 cm3.89 cm
Front Width (widest point)6.13 cm6.12 cm6.09 cm6.09 cm6.07 cm
Back Width (widest point)6.52 cm6.55 cm6.50 cm6.48 cm6.39 cm
Grip Width (narrowest point)5.95 cm5.94 cm6.03 cm5.89 cm5.89 cm

Below are some comparison shots with each of the measured mice:


Pulsar Xlite

Zowie EC2-B

Glorious Model D-
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